Security and Policy Information You Did Not Know You Needed

Compliance Administration
We help you designate a compliance administrator in your organization (or work with your current compliance administrator) and provide them with everything needed to properly manage your organization’s compliance with all applicable information security and privacy regulations. This includes complete administrator training, employee information security handbook including your employee security/privacy agreements, and ongoing regular compliance updates as applicable laws and best practices change.

Information Security Policy
A comprehensive Information Security Policy (including related employee, management, and vendor forms) fully customized and prepared for your business. Includes all the technical, administrative and physical security policies for your business to properly protect customer and employee information and establish compliance with state and federal laws and regulatory requirements.

Privacy Notice
A personalized information Privacy Notice to provide to your customers in print and online – detailing the types of information you collect, how you use it, and how you protect it.

Other Policies (as required)
Other more specific information security and privacy policies are also provided should your business be required to have them, including a Red Flags Rule policy, Address Discrepancies Rule policy, and other vertical market specific policies.

Policy Updates
As your business changes, and as information security and privacy regulations change, our compliance team makes sure your Information Security Policy and other policies are updated and kept current.



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