Are you leaving the “keys in the car”?

Would leave keys in a running car? Would you leave the front door to your house unlocked?
Our guess is the answer to both is “no.” So, why then would you leave your business open to cyber-criminals?

Businesses are constantly under attack. In its first month in business, Axiom Cyber Solutions offices were hit over 300,000 times with scans, intrusion attempts and network mappers. Not one of those actually got through because they were smart to have installed their own firewall that actively prevents these threats and notifies the command center it is under attack.

Their engineers immediately review traffic to ensure that firewall services are doing everything necessary to handle the threat. With today’s ever-increased bandwidth and shifting threat landscape, any business can benefit from installing an Axiom SecureAmerica® managed firewall that is constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats including ransomeware, Ddos threats, botnets and more.

Axiom’s patent pending algorithm identifies ransomware as soon as it is activated and actively prevents it from encrypting your company’s data, Axiom engineers have identified key markers for ransomware communication.

Denial of Service is a real threat to American businesses. Attackers are constantly launching these attacks for a variety of reasons. From “hacktavism” to data theft, the attacker’s intentions vary widely. In the past, denial of service was simply meant to knock your website offline. Today, attackers are making these attacks very sophisticated and are generally trying to overload your systems so that they can find vulnerabilities that they can come back and exploit. A large percentage of denial of service attacks lead to a later data breach.

Again, DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with data. In a DDoS attack, the first “D” stands for distributed and that simply means that many computer across the internet are engaged, sometimes hundreds or thousands at a time.

More often than not, the computers being used in attacks are not knowingly participating but rather are compromised systems from home computers, routers, and even CCTV cameras plugged into the network. This remote control by hackers is called a “botnet,” a combination of the words robot and network. Any device can be turned into a “bot” through malware on infected websites, through spam file attachments, and sometimes just through known vulnerabilities in operating systems or devices, all without their owners’ knowledge.

Axiom Cyber Solutions strives to be the leading cyber-security technology partner by providing world-class solutions that are intelligent, adaptive, innovative, and automated. Through it’s technology solutions, customers are able to remain focused on what they do best with the peace-of-mind that unwanted intrusions are dealt with properly.

Axiom has assembled an industry leading team of infrastructure specialists, developers, database and business intelligence experts, and project managers holding several industry leading certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in addition to degrees in Analytics, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems Management.

The Identity Defenders is proud to have partnered with Axiom that specifically addresses the cyber-security needs of small-to-medium businesses and provides cutting edge technology solutions that are complimentary to the other solutions we offer.

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