InfoSafe Essentials (Policies & Procedures)

Compliance Administration
We help you designate a compliance administrator in your organization (or work with your current compliance administrator) and provide them with the tools, resources, and ongoing support needed to properly administer and manage your organization’s compliance with all applicable information security and privacy regulations. This includes complete administrator training, employee information security handbook, employee security/privacy agreements, employee training, and ongoing regular compliance updates as regulatory conditions, applicable laws and best practices change.

Information Security Policy
A standardized, comprehensive Information Security Policy (and required employee, management, and vendor forms) is developed and fully customized for your organization. The policy includes all the administrative, physical, and technical security policies necessary to properly protect customer and employee information and establish compliance with state and federal laws and other regulatory requirements.

Privacy Policy (as required)
A customized information Privacy Policy is prepared, or revised, that is consistent with your organization’s practices and procedures and which appropriately details the types of information collected and your organization’s collection methods, usage and disclosure, protection measures, and customer choice.

Other Specific Policies and Procedures (as required)
Additional regulation-specific compliance policies and procedures are created and provided as appropriate. Examples of specific regulations that may apply to your organization include the Identity Theft Red Flags Rule, Address Discrepancies Rule, HIPAA / HI-TECH, state-specific laws, and other regulations.

Ongoing Reviews and Updates
As your business grows and changes or information security and privacy regulations change, we ensure your organization’s information security policy, training programs, and other administrative policies and safeguards are updated and kept current.

The Essentials Program helps you create all the necessary policies and procedures you must create to help guide your business.

(Includes Risk Assessment)
$995 (reg. $1295) Year 1
$695 (reg. $850) Year 2

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