PCI Certification

With InfoSafe Certification, your company has completed 90% of what’s required to obtain PCI-DSS certification

For that, we’ve partnered with SecurityMetrics to conduct PCI vulnerability scanning and provide your compliance certificate. (If your business is located in Nevada, Washington or Minnesota, state regulations require all company’s that accept credit cards as a form of payment to be PCI Compliant)

Since its founding in 2000, privately-held SecurityMetrics has grown from a small security company specializing in vulnerability assessment scans to a global leader of data security and compliance solutions with over 300 employees.
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SecurityMetrics is a leading provider and innovator in data security and compliance for organizations worldwide. Our mission? To help organizations comply with financial, government, and healthcare mandates through innovative security tools, caring customer support, and qualified expertise.

Tools That Empower Compliance
We have many tools available to simplify PCI compliance for small businesses and provide your business with enhanced data security. These tools include: internal and external vulnerability scanning, breach protection, mobile device security, card data discovery, penetration testing.
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Thorough Compliance Tracking And Account Management
Your business is provided access to an online compliance console where you can see the status of your SAQ, vulnerability scan, and overall compliance status. Through this console you can also schedule scans and edit account information.

Responsive Call Center
You won’t have to worry about automated phone systems, long wait times, or cold transfers. SecurityMetrics has an award winning PCI support center in the world with an average inbound hold time of 17 seconds.

Simplified Bank Reporting
With us, reporting your PCI compliance is simple. Once you validate PCI compliance, we help you inform your bank to ensure they know you’ve done your part to protect your customers.

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