Password Management

When it comes to passwords, security is critical. It makes sense, yet its still a common practice for users to often have just one password that they use everywhere. Not only is that a problem, but they also use easy passwords, even including just the word “password.”

Developing secure, usable passwords is important to guarantee both your computer and online information can be safeguarded against hackers eager to harvest your data. Cyber criminals steal passwords using brute force attacks, malware, phishing and pharming emails to strip personally identifiable information (PII), along with logon credentials anywhere you enter them.

They work hard to hack into business and corporate networks to harvest trade secrets, as well as pertinent employee and customer data. That’s why it’s essential all computer users create a usable, secured password strategy including multiple passwords. When possible, we recommend all passwords be military grade – 15-digits including upper and lower-case letters, numbers AND symbols.

Because a strong password system is your first line of defense in both compliance and your fight against identity theft, we’ve partnered with the two leading systems – LastPass and Dashlane.

If you are looking for an enterprise level system, your best choice is LastPass.


LastPass has the enterprise tools to help you follow these best security practices, with a unique, strong password for every account, at an affordable price.

Last Pass uses local-only encryption with the strongest algorithms available to safeguard your data and ensure complete security in the cloud. User data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level, and all passwords (including the Master Password) are kept secret, even from LastPass. Some of the features include:

    Unified Admin Console.
    Policies, reporting, user provisioning, and directory integration in a single admin portal. Whether one admin or many, the admin console allows for central deployment and management of all user accounts. Detailed reporting logs track usage and updates to company accounts, so admins can maintain accountability and compliance.
    Compliance Reporting.
    Give administrators the detailed reporting data and audit logs necessary for tracking employee logins and historical access for compliance.
    Customize Security, Intelligently.
    Automated Security Scores / Identify Problem Employees

    Review the company’s average security score, and every employee’s score, too. Identify subpar performance and track changes over time. Also, understand and identify employees that putt your organization at risk. Over 50 configurable security and access policies that are adaptable for each company’s unique environment and security standards.
    Enforce Meaningful Password Policies
    Set master password requirements, restrict access to specific devices and locations, mandate use of features, and more.
    Reduce On and Offboarding Tasks
    What do new employees need and what can they access when they leave? Automate the entire provisioning and termination process, including access to LastPass user accounts, cloud-based service providers, and shared passwords. Control who gets access to which applications and automate user provisioning, all from a single portal for admins and auditors. Leverage your existing Active Directory groups to apply permissions and grant access in real-time.
    Streamline Identity Management with Centralized Control
    Integrate Active Directory with SaaS applications, allowing employees seamless access to applications on both sides of the firewall.
    One-Click User Management
    Automate provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts with vendors utilizing SCIM and custom vendor APIs. SCIM can be utilized for real-time creation of user accounts with vendors, giving employees on-the-spot access to services.
    Free Up Resources
    Eliminate the drain on valuable IT resources required to map and manage accounts by automating with LastPass Enterprise. Utilize Active Directory to automate account provisioning, deprovisioning, and policy management.
    Bottom Line Impact
    You can expect increased productivity, decreased help desk calls for password resets, and increased application adoption. New employees are up-and-running instantly and departing employees take less time to process.

LastPass Password Management Software


Are you looking for a non-Enterprise level system, another great option is Dashlane.

Never forget another password! Dashlane is the world’s best password manager & digital wallet, making identity and payments simple and safe. Our apps on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS have helped over 3 million users manage and secure their digital identity.
Dashlane allows users to:

  • Secure password storage
  • Autologin on favorite websites
  • Generate and change passwords in seconds
  • Autofill forms across the internet
  • Make online shopping easy with saved credit cards and receipts in your digital wallet

Dashlane is critically-acclaimed by top press like The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, & many more. Let us know how we can help set you up for success!

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