InfoSafe Certification

About InfoSafe

Our mission at The Identity Defenders is to help make every business, community and person safe from identity theft and fraud. Unfortunately, when we first decided to undertake this effort, we found most programs to be too expensive. Many businesses would find it hard to justify the expense regardless of how important they knew it would be for their organization. The last thing they want to do is be liable for not being in compliance with state and federal laws regarding privacy.

That’s why the InfoSafe program was created by Invisus, and why we partnered with them. InfoSafe is the industry leading end-to-end information security and privacy compliance certification program specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses and organizations.

InfoSafe makes it simple and affordable to get protected and stay compliant with virtually all federal, state and industry information security, privacy and data breach regulations such as the FTC’s Red Flag Rules, GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS Compliance (required in Nevada, Washington and Minnesota), as well as promote privacy, safety and trust by protecting customer and employee information. We help your business become certified by working with you to implement and maintain recommended and required Technical and Administrative policies and procedures.

In this day and age, consumers want to work, play and shop with confidence, knowing you make the privacy and protection of their personal information a priority. Third party validation and certification is the best means of showing your customers that your company meets or exceeds minimum recommended standards and best practices.

With your InfoSafe certification “seal of approval,” you demonstrate to your customers, insurers, and others, your organization’s genuine commitment to information security, privacy, and trust.

Key Benefits

Allows your organization to effectively and affordably minimize information security risks and maintain compliance with multiple laws and regulations through a single managed program.

  • Reduces the organization’s overall risk and liability exposure with enhanced, standardized compliance with virtually all federal, state and industry information security, privacy and data breach regulations
  • Complements existing efforts and fills critical gaps in your organization’s current compliance policies and procedures
  • Improves and simplifies distributed compliance processes and responsibilities without impeding sales processes
  • Provides important third-party validation and certification

Key Features: End-to-end compliance in a single managed solution including:

>> Risk Assessment
>> Compliance Review
>> Administrative Safeguards
>> Technical Safeguards >> Employee Training Center
>> InfoSafe Certification
>> Security Breach Response
>> Customer Privacy Assurance

Risk Assessment: $495 (reg. $695)
InfoSafe Essentials: The Essentials Program (Includes Risk Assessment) helps you create all the necessary policies and procedures you must create to help guide your business:
$995 (reg. $1295) Year 1
$695 (reg. $850) Year 2
InfoSafe Certification: Certification (includes Risk Assessment and Essentials) validates that your organization has implemented and maintains the recommended and necessary administrative, physical, and technical information security safeguards required by federal, state, and industry regulations applicable to your organization.

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