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When it comes to managing an Identity Lifecycle, an effective identity is unique, and every identity has a lifecycle that begins at birth and sometimes is able to transcend death. Whether it's your personal identity or that of your business, it's your responsibility to manage and protect what's yours!

These Cyber-crime statistics should make you think twice!

  • ​Identity Theft has been the #1 consumer complete to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for 15 years running. It's now reported that an identity is stolen every 2 seconds!
  • According to more than 1 billion records containing personally identifiable information were leaked in 2015, and over 500,000 were victims of Medical Identity Theft. An identity thief only needs a few data points like the kind found in many data breaches to tap into and destroy a person or businesses financial life. 
  • Forbes reported $5.8 billion was given to identity thieves from the IRS due to fraudulent returns in 2014. The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate added that 36.2% percent of returns were flagged for potential identity theft.
  • Children are especially susceptible to identity theft since moat people under 18 are not actively applying for credit or monitoring it.
  • Small business owners are victims of fraud at a rate of 15% more than the general population according to Javelin Strategy & Research. In 2015, the FBI reported business losses exceeding $30 billion. The typical small business victimized by identity theft is shut down (Out of Business) in less than 1 year.
Family Identity Protection to Defend Your Identity

How to Defend You & Your Family

​In today's digital age, you need defense against ALL forms of identity theft and fraud. Learn about the 7 Essentials of WHOLE Identity Protection.

Learn How to Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

How to Defend Your Business

Identity thieves are targeting small businesses and business owners. Learn about our industry leading programs to protect you, your employees and your customers.

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Small businesses are under attack more than ever! It's no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN! Nearly 75% of all data breaches today occur with businesses with fewer than 100 employees, and the FBI reports that most victims are forced to close within a year.
  • You'll learn the 9 Critical Things every business owner should proactively do to help prevent your business identity from being hijacked and used by criminals to rip you off and commit fraud in your name.