Create It!

A brand is the totality of perceptions that someone holds about the experiences associated with a person or an organization. The hallmark of a successful brand is determined by the promises that it makes, and the promises that it keeps!

Businesses of all types find themselves competing for prospective customers where there is an often an oversupply of options. Additionally, we are living in the world’s most communication-cluttered society, making it more difficult to get a message out every year. In this overcrowded and competitive environment, some brands have emerged by setting themselves apart from competitors. Building a strong brand will provide:

  • Greater awareness, respect, and relevance
  • Clearer differentiation from competitors
  • A stronger connection with customers
  • A compelling identity
  • A unifying umbrella for marketing partners
  • A robust decision-making framework for community marketing
  • Greater ability to generate and sustain revenues

Let Us Help You Create Your Brand

Identity Assessment
Includes a 90-minute consultation call to gather information necessary to evaluate your existing brand. We provide a written summary of our findings that evaluates your visual identity and messaging in all touch points as well as how well your efforts align with your vision, mission, and values.

Identity Foundation
In addition to an assessment, we conduct a collaborative and iterative process where we distill your identity into a strategic plan outlining the foundation of your brand that aligns all stakeholders behind a singular concept including positioning, voice, design, typography, color and logo along with checklists defining each and every touch point.

Total Identity Package
In addition to the assessment and foundation, we’ll create a complete visual identity to establish your brand and position it properly. This includes a Logo suite, font selection, graphic elements, color palette, photographic style, blog content, social media strategy as well as 100 creative service hours for any design or content projects you need.

Protect Your Business with this FREE Fraud Prevention Checklist!

Business Identity Fraud Protection Checklist_book
Small businesses are under attack more than ever! It's no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN! Nearly 75% of all data breaches today occur with businesses with fewer than 100 employees, and the FBI reports that most victims are forced to close within a year.
  • You'll learn the 9 Critical Things every business owner should proactively do to help prevent your business identity from being hijacked and used by criminals to rip you off and commit fraud in your name.