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After years of helping small businesses prevent Identity Theft we're proud to share our free Business Fraud Prevention Checklist! This is everything you need to help protect your small business from Identity Theft and more.

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Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Don't make the mistake of under estimating cyber criminals. Technology has handed us a double-edged sword; helping businesses grow and at the same time providing cyber criminals with easier access to confidential or personal identifiable data.
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Protect Your Site from Being Blacklisted and Save Your Business Today!

Getting Black Listed can spell disaster for your business. Landing on Google's Black List is easier then you may think. With 10,000 websites being black listed daily you'll do well with checking out these steps on how to keep safe...


As technology improves, it's made it easier to conduct business online as well as provide access to cyber-criminals looking to steal your data. The Identity Defenders was created because of the ever-increasing threats present in the world today. Here's just some of the facts:

  • An identity is stolen every 2 seconds.
  • Symantec reported that 85% of all websites are vulnerable to hackers.
  • Thieves can be anywhere in the world, with hackers often coming from remote parts of China, Siberia or from terrorist cells.
  • Not only are the identities of people at risk of being stolen, so too are business identities.
  • Small business, the lifeblood of our economy, typically does not have the resources to protect its systems making small business especially vulnerable. There are lots of companies that service large business, but few look out for the little guy.
  • A business that is the victim of identity theft is likely to be out of business within a year. How disconcerting is it that someone could risk their life savings to start a company and build their dream, only to have all that hard work for naught just because someone things its okay to take what's not theirs.


It's because of this, and much more that The Identity Defenders was created. Today, we are the only firm providing turnkey identity management and marketing solutions for Individuals, Families and Businesses. This includes:

  • Identity Protection for Individuals, Families & Businesses (incl. credit monitoring and restoration services to pre-theft status)
  • Regulatory Compliance and Certification
  • Data Breach Prevention and Response
  • Managed Technology Services
  • Identity Assessment and Creation (Branding)
  • Identity Promotion (Marketing)
  • Identity Enhancement (Reputation Management)
  • Background Checks
  • Credit Repair

We're the only firm able to protect both your identity and that of your business. All the other identity theft solutions you may have heard about do not offer any solutions to protect your business.

We Don't Stop There!

Business Identity Fraud Protection Checklist_book

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Let The Identity Defenders Help You

We're your single source for turn-key Identity Marketing and Management Solutions.

Claim It!

Some individuals and businesses need help with their brand. A brand is, for all intents and purposes, an identity. Sometimes it's about creating a personal brand so that you have a better chance of getting that job you want. For a business, it's about creating an identity that helps it stand out from the competition. 

Once the right brand is established, needs to be effectively promoted. Both individuals (celebrities, thought-leaders, even everyday folks) and businesses have a need to communicate their brand. For an individual it might be about the ability to stand out in a crowd in order to land the right job. For a business it's about getting customers.

Create It!

Your Business Identity.  What is it?  For all intents and purposes, your business Identity is your brand.  It's the promise you make with your customers, vendors and employees.

For a brand to be effective, it has to be based on the mission, vision and values that are embodied by you - the owner.

Not everyone needs help creating or defining their brand.  For some, their current brand is effective.  For others, they just need an assessment to ensure that all stakeholder touchpoints are fulfilling the promise of the brand.

Get your brand assessment today to ensure your personal or business identity helps you stand out from the competition. 

Promote It!

Once the right brand is established, needs to be effectively promoted. Both individuals (celebrities, thought-leaders, even everyday folks) and businesses have a need to communicate their brand. For an individual it might be about the ability to stand out in a crowd in order to land the right job. For a business it's about getting customers.

Whether its traditional print and broadcast advertising campaigns or comprehensive social media strategies utilizing content marketing, SEO, SEM, Email, paid social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, creating, managing, and monitoring social media content or creating automated sales funnel, we're here to help.

Enhance It!

Online reviews are today's word-of-mouth advertising when it comes to influence. In fact, according to a 2014 survey by BrightLocal, 88% of employers and consumers surveyed said they read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a potential hire or a local business. With more and more employment and purchasing decisions based on online reviews, a few negative comments can have a significant impact. This is why The Identity Defenders also provides Reputation Management Services.


The Man Behind The Identity Defenders

More often than not, its readily apparent that the vast majority of small business (SMBs) owners are unaware of the state and federal laws and regulations they MUST follow when it comes to Privacy and Identity Theft. They are also unprepared to protect both their business and themselves against ever-increasing cyber threats.

With fraud growing at exponential rates the past few years, and with small businesses being the latest and greatest target, Eric Yaillen saw a need to both educate owners on how to protect and defend their business as well as provide affordable services to help them manage and market their identity. It's with this in mind that The Identity Defenders was created.

As a long time small business owner, he knows the frustration that comes with keeping personal and business data private. He understands that running a business today is getting more and more complex -- whether it's from complying with ever-expanding rules and regulations, or keeping up with changes in business due to social media and digital marketing -- SMBs often lack the financial or personnel resources to devote to more than the basics.

Eric has made it his mission to help SMBs address all aspects of Identity Management and Marketing, focusing primarily on helping business protect their data and identity from hackers, fraudsters and thieves with affordable solutions designed with them in mind.

Eric is excellent at approaching complex business issues with a forward vision. His understanding of technology and the business combined with his determined, "let's make it happen," attitude makes him a powerful driver of forward-thinking growth solutions and innovative revenue opportunities.

Jessica Carroll
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Eric is a visionary, with a results driven work ethic that I admire. I have worked with Eric for 8 years and have observed and appreciated his abilities to establish strategic goals and objectives that promote growth and customer retention and brand loyalty. He excels in predicting future trends and positioning and organization for success.

Steve Edmondson
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Business Identity Fraud Protection Checklist_book

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